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The First Fifty Years

Webmaster's Preface

This part of the site is dedicated to the online reproduction of the 1959 book which was published by the Lodge to commemorate the 50th. - Jubilee - anniversary of The Fraserburgh Lodge of Freemasons No. 1055. Aptly named "THE FIRST 50 YEARS", it proves to be not only an insightful glimpse it Freemasonry 50-100 years past, but also a look at some of the events that shaped not only our local area, but in some cases Scotland.

Cover of "The First 50 Years"
Cover of "The First 50 Years"

After having read the book (Freemason or not), if anyone is interested in writing a review I would be more than happy to publish it.

Many thanks are due to Bro. David Wemyss, P.M., for supplying me with a photocopy of the entire book and answering (eventually) the endless stream of questions that the history as written here has generated. Some quite trivial and some real brain teasers.

For my part I have tried to keep everything as close to the original document as I possible can - including the choice of font. Pages are numbered according to the original text, however, computer screens are more flexible than typed paper and as such the words per line are much higher online.

I've added a few notes here and there, and a photo or two where I think it might be relevant. Anything I have added is written in grey, in the case of photos the text accompanying it is also grey. So as not to detract from the original you'll easily be able to identify - and ignore - the bits that have been added by me.

Before you criticise me for adding to original book please bear in mind... was written by members of a local Lodge for the members of that local Lodge - not a world wide audience. was a written publication, so there would have been a limit to the content.
...they didn't have the readily available source of images that the internet provides us with today.
...not everyone who reads this will be a Freemason and/or acquainted with Fraserburgh.

I've also added bold text to a few points - for the skim readers - to emphasise certain dates and/or events that are worthy of note.

I've also added meanings to abbreviated terms - as is my normal practice - throughout the text. If you hover with the mouse over underlined abbreviations such as R.W.M. a screen tip will appear.

One thing I did notice in copying the text is that the word "today" is written with a hyphen in it - "to-day". There probably is a reason for it, but it is unusual. Maybe that's just the way it was fifty years ago?

There was talk of another book being written "The Next Fifty Years" for the Centenary, but for reasons unknown to me the book has yet to be completed.

Bro. Duncan Russell    (Webmaster)

Just on the off chance that some one is interested in such things...

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