The Fraserburgh Lodge of Freemasons #1055

New Masonic Lodge at Fraserburgh

(Newspaper Clipping) Fraserburgh Advertiser, Friday, February 10, 1910

New Lodge Paper Clipping

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On Wednesday afternoon the Erection and Consecration of the Fraserburgh Lodge of Freemasons No 1055, took place in the Lodge Room, High Street. The ceremony was most elaborate and impressive and was performed by Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Provost W H. Leask.

Provost Leask
William Hutchison Leask
Provost of Peterhead
P.G.M. of Aberdeenshire East
1904 - 1919

There was a full Lodge, representatives being present from every Lodge in the Province.

When the Lodge had been duly constituted the Worshipful Provincial Grand Chaplain, Bro. A. W. Stevenson, minister of Pitsligo, engaged in prayer, the brethren responding.

Grand honours were then rendered and solemn music was played and a chant was sung by the choir.

The Chaplain the read Psalm 133, and Grand honours were then again rendered.

The Chaplain then gave a brief exhortation reminding the brethren of the foundation truth of their Grand Order. Their Lodge Room was sacred and nothing sordid or mean should be permitted in it. Let them uphold the noble tradition of their Order and do nothing to belittle it, but everything to exalt it.

After singing the hymn "Great Architect of earth and heaven" the Worshipful Grand Secretary presented the charter in favour of the new Lodge.

The Grand Chaplain invoked a blessing on the assembly and a chant was rendered by the Choir.

a horn-shaped or conical receptacle
or ornament

The Provincial Grand Lodge were then arranged in procession and went round the Lodge while the Choir sung the Old Hundredth.

The Junior Grand Warden then handed the Cornucopia filled with grain, to the Grand Master. The Grand Master accepted the offering and poured the grain upon the floor and solemnly dedicated the new Lodge.

Grand Master Mason of Scotland
John Stewart-Murray
Marquis of Tullibadine
Grand Master of Scotland 1909-13

The Grand Lodge made a second perambulation top the singing of the Choir and the Senior Warden handed the Grand Master a silver vase with wine. The Grand Master pronounced the second benediction and poured the wine on the floor.

A third time the Lodge was perambulated, the Choir singing "Sweet Charity" and thereafter the Grand Master was handed a silver vase with oil. On receiving it the Grand Master poured a little on the floor and pronounced the third benediction.

The Grand Chaplain then prayed and the Grand Master and Brethren responded.

Grand Honours were paid and the Brethren of the New Lodge passed round and paid homage to the Provincial Grand Lodge, the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies then proclaimed the Lodge as follows:-

"Brethren - I am directed by the Most Worshipful Marquis of Tullibardine, Grand Master Mason of Scotland, to make proclamation that by virtue of the power and authority of the Grand Lodge, these Brethren are now constituted a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons by the title and designation of the Fraserburgh Lodge of Freemasons No. 1055, to be holden in Fraserburgh. And from henceforth they are fully empowered to exercise all their rights and privileges, agreeably to the tenure of their Charter, the laws of the Grand Lodge, and the Ancient Usages of the Fraternity, and may God be with them!"

The Brethren sung and anthem and Grand Honours were paid and the Chaplain read from Chronicles II, VI and VII. The Brethren sang "Blessed be the Lord our God" and after Grand Honours had been observed the Choir sung the Doxology.

Thereafter the Grand Master installed the office bearers as follows:-
Right Worshipful Master Bro. J. Hendry
Depute Master Bro. W. Donald
Substitute Master Bro. Beddie
Senior Warden Bro. J. Yeats
Junior Warden Bro. A. J. Russell
Secretary Bro. W. S. F. Wilson
Treasurer Bro. J. D. McIntosh
Senior Deacon Bro. J. R. Miller
Inner Guard Bro. G. Murison
Chaplain Bro. T. P. Burnett
Organist Bro. H. Masson
Tyler Bro. T. Atkins

Before the Lodge was closed Bro. Hendry, R.W.M., in a few well-chosen words expressed his indebtedness to the Grand Master for his kindness in opening the Lodge and congratulated him upon the capable manner in which he had discharged his responsible duties. He called upon Bro. McIntosh to speak.

Bro. McIntosh, addressing the Grand Master, asked him to accept from the Brethren of the new Lodge a gold jewel suitably inscribed. In eloquent terms he referred to great work the Grand Master had done in encouraging Masonry in the Province, and amid applause he pinned the jewel to the Grand Master's breast.

The Grand Master, in touching language, acknowledged his deep appreciation of the honour conferred upon him. He said he would regard the jewel as one of his most treasured possessions. In the course of his remarks he hoped that the relations between the new Lodge and Solomon Lodge would be most cordial - (applause).

Bro. Hendry endorsed the wish of the Grand Master as regards Solomon Lodge and extended the right hand of friendship to the Worshipful Master of Solomon.

Bro. Noble, R.W.M., at once reciprocated and the two Worthy Masters clasped hands among great applause.

The other representatives of the various Lodges made similar overtures to the new Lodge.

Bro. Bailie Mackie gracefully presented the jewels to the new Lodge and thereafter the Lodge was formerly closed.

The new Lodge is furnished in the most up-to-date Masonic style. The prevailing colour is green and the appointments are all of a costly order. Each Chair is totally different in style and make and represents Corinthian, Doric, and Ionic art. The jewels are very valuable. The furniture was all designed and made by Mr. J.R. Miller, cabinetmaker, Broad Street. The Lodge room is one of the most sumptuously fitted up in the Province.

Special thanks for the copy of the paper cutting to Gregory Sullivan, Great-Grandson of one of the founder members, Bro. William Donald.

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