The Fraserburgh Lodge of Freemasons #1055

Contact Information

All written/email correspondence regarding general matters should be addressed to the Lodge Secretary
Bro. Alexander C. Bruce.

All written/email correspondence regarding financial matters should be addressed to the Lodge Treasurer
Bro. David Wemyss.

Lodge Address: Lodge Secretary: Lodge Treasurer:
80 Commerce Street
AB43 9LP
Alexander C. Bruce
35 Watson Crescent
AB42 2WS
David J. Wemyss
24 Brucklay Court
AB42 2UF
Email the Secretary @ 1055
P.M. Bro.
Email the Treasurer @ 1055
P.M. Bro.
Other email addresses... R.W.M. Bro. Email sent to the R.W.M. is sent to his son David who will forward it along.
...and lastly all matters regarding this web site should be emailed to the Webmaster Bro.